You think you are playing the old arcade game Pong, but actually, you are not. In Pong?, one player will be both of the stick, and the other player will be the ball itself. The ball players want to hit the four walls on each side as many time as they can, and the stick players need to prevent that from happening. Both players have some special abilities, use them wisely.

Now, game on!


Ball player:

Up: acclerate

Down: Stop

Left/Right Rotate

J & K: Special abilities

Stick Player:

AD: move horizontally

WS: move vertically

Space: rotate

Q & E : Special abilities

Design Process

This is a solo project that takes the classic arcade game Pong and modify it into a different type of competition. I personally like to create asymmetric games which players play against each other in some distinct play styles. To me, introducing different play styles to a game adds more complicities and dynamics to it. It enables players to interact with each other in different ways, and also challenges me, as a game designer, to tune the game till a balance state. Throughout the whole design process, I really enjoy balancing the game. 

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