A 2D platformer created by Keyan Zhang and Jack Rossman


You are controlling the ball buddies which they are stuck in a puzzle. Find a way to reunite them! The ball buddies are so intimate with each other that they always want to move together. Note: Both of them have some special ability!


Left/Right to move

Space/Up to jump 

Design Process

This is a two people project, where I take the role of level design and some coding. 

At the beginning of this project, we want to create a platformer game that is more focusing on the puzzle solving part, and we both really like cooperative game. Eventually, we came up with this idea of a single player 2D platforming game that players actually control two characters at the same time. Currently, we have three levels in the game, and the difference between different levels fits the learning curve of most players really well. They understand some tricks quickly and apply that trick immediately to puzzle solving.  

Made withUnity