Finally, the Fatty Shiba realized it is way too heavy comparing to other shibas, so he make a tough decision: to lose weight in a week. Try to exercise as hard as you can so that you can achieve your goal on time, but you also need to eat food to gain the energy you need to do all the exercises. 

Reminder: Those food make you gain weight :P


Left/Right arrow keys to move

F to interact with objects

Enter to Confirm 

Mouse keys to interact with buttons 

Design Process

This is a solo project which I work on all the mechanics, mini games, balances, code and graphics. 

The idea of this game is trying to deliver the idea that losing weight is a very hard thing to achieve, for  it requires one not only to have a strong will and a lot of time to exercises, but also to control their diet and daily schedule. 

I made three different mini games in order to indicate the standards in all the exercises, namely, gesture accuracy, timing and repetition. On the other hand, players need to find the best combination of the food and the exercises so that they could efficiently lose weight in a short period of time.